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Attendee Value: The Seaside Cruizers’ Father’s Day weekend events wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated sponsors. Please consider our sponsors when you’re doing business in our area. Many sponsors offer significant discount in the weeks and days leading up to our Weekend Event. To learn more about our sponsors’ business offerings and/or discounts, visit their web sites by clicking on their logo on this page, or follow the “Discounts” link under the “Sponsors” drop in the header bar above.

Sponsor Opportunities: The Seaside Cruizers Club is always looking for Sponsor/Club opportunities to compliment your success with ours. Business always increases when you have a “value venue” for a unique marketplace. Regardless if you are a weekend or multi-million dollar business, we can bring you access to a target market as broad or narrow as needed to increase your ongoing success. The 30,000+ visitors and 600 registered show cars are much more than a “value venue” to businesses from food to houses. Contact us to leverage this unique sales opportunity in support of your business success.